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    The report noted the prisoins inspectoratte discovered no organisation had a good general picture of
    thhe state of affairs or would accept otal accountability.
    The prisoner’s well being dteriorated after lunch
    and he was found unresponsive in his cell at 2.45pm. He was discovered to have died of
    severe heatstroke and hypertensive heart illness.
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    That a susceptible man in the care of the state can overheat to loss off life is outrageous.
    An innquest jury sitting in central London concluded his loss
    of life wwas probably as a conseqence of him being subjected to excessive heat.
    A watchdog has mentioned „serious failings” should be addresseed after a man died from severe
    heatstroke after being stored in a transfer van and ann unventilated
    court cell on one among the hottest days in London for years.

    The van taking Sochacki to courtroom stopped at Charing Cross police station, the place he spent 50 minutes in a cell inside the automobile with the engine and
    air conditioning turned off.

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